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Hello everyone! Welcome to my official website.

My name is Mila Starfyre, and I am full-rounded creative spirit. I dwell in a variety of artistic endeavors, from dance, to painting, to craftsmanship, and so much more.

My incentive for creation is a strong spiritual desire to make the world a more beautiful place. Through the ups and downs of my own life, I have found strength in taking traumatic experiences and turning them into positive inspiration to make art. This cathartic experience leads to my belief in creating relatable art and conveying myself through these various crafts. My goal is to teach, inspire, motivate, and push others to be their best selves through my creations. I want to make the viewer feel a full spectrum of emotion in every piece. I never do anything without a strong intention behind it.

I believe that the human body is beautiful and a natural work of art, as such, I also dabble in the erotic and sensual. I began dancing at a very young age, and take advantage of controlling the ebb and flow of my body in order to express myself physically.


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